About Us

The Healthy Food Development Ltd., is an innovative, UK-based, International Food Producer and Trading Company with a unique scientific background and product range.

We develop solutions for modern nutrition, producing only healthy food ingredients for all food and beverage manufacturers and innovative packaged goods for the wholesale market.

Our mission is to introduce and supply plant-based substitute food ingredients which offer a healthier alternative to both global manufacturers and consumers looking for both convenience and new lifestyle choices.

We aim to supply the best quality ingredient substitutes for manufacturers looking to develop healthier packaged food & beverages for the wholesale market.

Balazs L.

Managing Director
The Healthy Food Development Ltd.

Entrepreneur, economist, with a background in company management.

My main goal I have in my professional life is to be a pre-eminent director of all our departments, employees, managers and to be proud of our customer’s satisfaction.

“I enjoy getting creative with the THFD ingredient mixes; adding olives, sun dried tomatoes, seeds and more. I bake a loaf of healthy bread every morning for Reka and my two boys and surprise them with a ‘recipe of the day’. I’m proud of what we are bringing to the market.”

Reka. K

Research & Development Director
The Healthy Food Development Ltd.

As a mum of 2 boys, wife, entrepreneur, qualified nutritionist what is inspires me every day is to be creative developing innovative healthier ingredient formulas for all different food areas.

With an eye on a healthier eating options for all families I am proud of we are working together with great organizations to be able to supply healthier food alternatives in many areas in the UK.

“We cook with the THFD healthy ingredients daily and are excited to supply these to the UK market for everyone to enjoy”

If you would like to know more about our products and how they can support your health and wellbeing, please contact us.